Monday, May 19, 2014

Brake-O-Rama discusses Synthetic vs Regular Oil Change

Brake-O-Rama understands that customers may want to space out their car maintenance a little longer during this recession. However routine maintenance is necessary to avoid long term damage to the engine. If you are considering an oil change, car owners who want the very best for their vehicles commonly turn to synthetic motor oil, although this choice sometimes comes at the objection of natural oil enthusiasts who see no benefit to synthetic lubricants. While synthetic oil is somewhat more expensive than natural oil, and some debates about its benefits persist, synthetic oil holds a number of advantages over its natural counterpart. At Brake-O-Rama we use both oils and use synthetic oil as requested.
About Synthetic and Natural Oils
Natural automotive oils are composed of many of the same elements found in other petroleum products, and are rooted in the same crude oil pumped by oil companies from around the globe. Because natural oils are naturally occurring, there is minimal control over the inclusion of additional elements (namely sulfur) in the oil composition. Synthetic oils, however, are developed in laboratories to have precise strains of desirable chemicals, and the manufacture of the lubricants takes place in tightly controlled plants operated by major oil corporations. While natural oils possess a naturally occurring ability to lubricate surfaces, synthetic oils are specifically designed to carry out this purpose.
Low Temperature Performance
Natural oils contain a number of impurities, specifically sulfur and hydrocarbons. When an engine is first started, these impurities can inhibit the flow of oil through the engine, delaying the ability of the oil to properly lubricate moving engine components. Because synthetic oil is specifically designed to work under both low and high temperature conditions, it lacks the inhibitors that slow oil distribution; the performance-oriented synthetic oil can be quickly distributed throughout an engine almost immediately after the engine is started. According to automotive experts at Car Craft Magazine, the 0W-30 weight synthetic oil, manufactured specifically for cold conditions, flows approximately seven times faster than natural oil when an engine is first started.
High Temperature Performance
Engine temperatures can reach extreme highs under normal operating conditions, and a number of factors–including traffic jams, extended stop-and-go conditions, and even long drive-through lines—can push temperatures even higher. According to scientists at Mobil, natural oil is composed of an “inconsistent mixture of long and short chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms.” This inconsistency allows natural oils to break down quickly, losing a portion of their viscosity at high operating temperatures. In contrast, the specially designed synthetic oils are engineered to withstand the highest operating temperatures of an engine, providing maximum lubrication under a wide spectrum of operating conditions.
High Mileage Engines
Conventional, natural motor oils contain a number of contaminants, and these substances can contribute to build-up in a vehicle’s engine. Over time, small deposits of sulfur, hydrocarbons, and even wax can accumulate on the moving components of an engine and inhibit its operation, a condition sometimes advertised as “robbing a car of its horsepower.” Synthetic oils are engineered not to build up on engine components, and some are designed to clean engines as they lubricate. For this reason, many automotive experts recommend synthetic motor oils for vehicles with more than 100,000 miles.
Because natural oils are derived from naturally occurring crude, they can generally be refined and marketed at a lower cost than their synthetic counterparts. Synthetic motor oils can cost as much as twice the price of their conventional equivalents, with some specialty formulas priced at up to four times the cost of a similar weight conventional oil. A quart of synthetic motor oil can cost about $9.00 yielding an approximate cost of $45.00 for a five-quart oil change. In contrast, a generic store-brand conventional oil cost $2.79 per quart, totaling $13.95 for a typical oil change. Some of this cost difference can be recovered, however, in the longer intervals between changes allowed when using a synthetic oil, as automotive experts recommend changing conventional oils every 2,500 miles while synthetic oils can last 5,000, 10,000, or even (in extreme cases) 25,000 miles.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zalman Silber

Zalman Silber
Zalman Silber 

As his successes multiply, serial entrepreneur Zalman Silber has branched out into other styles of family entertainment. You start with the Skyride in New York and then the Australian version called Oztrek in Sydney, he one-ups himself by offering the incomparable Skywalk (formerly known as the SkyTour), probably the most exciting action to take in the Sydney Tower. Just like he seemed to have reasoned of his The big apple Skyride, located in the Empire State Building, “People want to navigate to the observation deck in order to begin to see the city as the birds do, so why not an online helicopter fly-over located at only the same location?” it would appear that Zalman Silber in addition has reasoned, “People want to navigate to the observation deck of the Sydney Tower to find out the city in the air - so why not let them out of behind the window to do that?”

Zalman Silber

Crazy? This is the Zalman Silber SkyWalk in Sydney to suit your needs - an amazing experience like few other, where you are out in the open air, without any glass to split up from the stunning view at almost a thousand feet up! Distant beaches and mountains hug the curvature of the planet before your vision when you scan the horizon throughout, the wind inside your hair along with your heart in your throat while safely thethered in special protective suits. Professional guides provide colorful commentary, plus a photographer is available to record the entire experience for that purchase of souvenirs afterwards; no loose items are allowed due to obvious safety concerns.

And on account of safety, the minimum age for guests is ten years-old, effortlessly visitors required to sign medical liability waivers beforehand. Wheelchair accessibility is accessible with prior notice of at least forty-eight hours. Lockers are for sale to accommodate promising small to medium-sized items, and rain coats are provided within the of inclement weather. The sixty-five Australian dollar ticket covers the Skywalk as well as admittance to the observation deck proper and Zalman Silber’s other operation in the Sydney Tower, the Oztrek, a fifteen-minute IMAX-like experience incorporating motion seating for kinetic feedback synchronized with onscreen action. Immersive multichannel audio and a hundred and eighty-degree wraparound vista help tell the storyline of Australia’s background and its national treasures.

Zalman Silber

But honestly, nothing can match up against the impression of first stepping out to the fully transparent glass floor from the Skywalk and looking along! That’s possibly the single biggest reaons why this attraction is definately a success, one of the most exciting one of all within the whole of Sydney.

Monday, November 4, 2013

"Who Stole The Moon?"

"Who Stole the Moon?" The top-rated interactive children's book extends the horizon for languages!

Windy Press has released an updated version of its popular interactive book for children — "Who Stole The Moon?". The story can now be read and heard in 17 different languages. You can read it on the iPad and iPhone (special edition with enlarged font).

Chicago-based, Windy Press International Publishing House, LLC has released an update, (version 1.3), of its top-rated interactive musical book for children, "Who Stole The Moon?". It contains yet another language: Danish. Altogether, the story can now be read and heard in 17 different languages! Thanks to the redesigning of the pages and large font, the story is now available not only on the iPad, but on the iPhone as well.
*** Interactive book "Who Stole the Moon?" for iPad and for iPhone! ***
"Who Stole the Moon?" is an interactive musical picture book application. The fairy tale "Who Stole the Moon?" was written by the British writer Helen Stratton-Would and illustrated by well-known Russian artist Vlad Gerasimov. It's a story about little Bertie, who dreamed about becoming an astronaut. He loved to watch the moon shining through his skylight window every night as he lay in bed. One evening, though, the moon didn't appear in the sky.

"Who Stole the Moon?" With this serious question, "detective" Bertie set out on his adventure. Join Bertie on his quest with this charming bedtime story that will gently nurture your child's imagination and send them off into the magical world of dreams.

With the interactive book "Who Stole the Moon?", Windy Press makes an innovative step in creating a completely new genre in digital publishing — the e-musical. In addition to fine illustrations, vivid animation, as well as 4 mini-games, the book includes 8 original songs, performed by award-winning American children's singer Susie Tallman and well-known Australian musician Richard Pleasance. "Who Stole the Moon?" is available in many widely-spoken languages across the world and is narrated by professional actors.

The 17 languages with professional narrators include: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Ukrainian, Czech, Turkish, Afrikaans.
— Editor's Choice Award by the Children's Technology Review
— #1 among top the 10 most interesting interactive children's apps for Apple gadgets. — Listed by Forbes
— 5+1 Stars and Gold Award for Excellent Children's App by Kinder App Garten (Germany)

*** Overview of "Who Stole the Moon?" ***
Title: "Who Stole the Moon?" Published by: Windy Press International Publishing House, LLC. Release date: March 05, 2012. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Price: US $4.99 for iPad, US $2.99 for iPhone.
Free Lite version also available (In-App Purchase: US $4.99/ US $2.99 accordingly)
iTunes AppStore:
Full iPad version:
Free iPad version:
Full iPhone version:
Free iPhone version:
*** Company website with promotional videos ***
Book page:
Media Kit:
Company site:

*** About the Company ***
Windy Press is an international innovative publishing house headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It's primary direction is the publication of interactive e-books for children and adults. Windy Press publications feature rich animated illustrations combined with original songs and mini games. At the heart of the unique "book musicals" of Windy Press lies an original cross-platform book engine. This technology gives new life to books that are both entertaining and educational. As the founder of the e-musical genre, Windy Press takes its special place among the pioneers of the digital publishing revolution.

*** Press Release Contact Information ***
Yuri Mezenko
Windy Press International Publishing House, LLC
P.O. Box 1541
Warrenville, IL 60555
Voice: (+1) 630-699-5832

Thursday, April 18, 2013

"I became them" Brilliant new poetry by Shainur Ullah

When I studied them, I became interested
When I became interested, I heard of them
When I heard of them, I saw them
When I saw them, I met them
And when I met them, I became them.

By Shainur Ullah


I like this exploration of how things influence us, and how it means that we become at total of all the experiences we have, whether we like it or not. A great concise shwoing of how that happens. Well Done!

This is brilliant and insightful! I wouldn't change a thing. It is exactly how i feel when I discover a new (well,new to me) branch of history, new genre of books, or a form of art. Thank you for expressing that feeling of oneness to every new study in life

This is how it all works!! Getting to the bottom of things requires getting there first, once there one becomes one with them. I am impressed by this relatively simple equation that you have put in place which is both effective and true at all times.

You have a great gift for capturing much in the smallest of nets. One is then left to marvel at the valuable treasures therein. Excellent write and read!!! applauded

Simple but efficient ! It pictures the stages one could go through once introduced to particular knowledge that one finds interest in , I suppose and when i met them ,i became them could be interpreted as the influence someone had upon you in a positive way .It could also be though them you identified something that you desired in life and wanted so badly to have .Once you saw that it is achieveble "i became them " .It.s as if when we see something we want in others we try to copy them or imitate them so we can have what they have to ! Hope this makes sense !

the poem can be interpreted in a dark foreboding sense or in the Sufi tradition of 'Oneness'. 

This is an interesting introspection into the social structure and process behind the scenes of life. Very true and to the point. Nicely done.

Cancer Girl

Cancer girl is about a girl with blood cancer and when she falls in love, her cancer gets cured and when they break up her cancer comes back.

I published this on wattpad, I am not getting paid for the short story, but I would love readers and people to comment and like and I have faith this short story will affect a lot of people in a good way as cancer is a huge killer and we all know a person with cancer, or died from cancer that we wished were cured.

I'd love for you to spread this short story around and hope to make people feel better, again I get no profit but if i see people commenting and liking and just getting the recognition and seeing they are happy is enough for me.

It is sort of a fairy tale, but a 21st century fairy tale, with cancer being the plague and love is the cure. My aim is to make you happy and I would love it if you spread this short story, cancer girl to any effected familes dealing with cancer or someone who has cancer, i want to put hope and faith in them.

Read it for yourself and let your heart melt:

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Why is Correct Feeding of Dog Food Important to your Family Dog?

Why is Correct Feeding of Dog Food Important to your Family Dog?

What the main considerations to decide which dog food is needed?

When it comes to dog food, it is important to invest in the right quality in order to for dogs to get the right balance of nutrition that they need. Quality foods such as acana dog food, organix dog food and castor and pollux dog food are a variety of foods that will benefit the health of canines and will extend their lifespan. Just like humans, it is important to check what ingredients are contained within dog food. There are many unnatural preservatives and contents that lead to a dog becoming overweight along with a wide range of health problems.

Are there scientific reasons to avoid cheaper dog food?
It is too tempting for dog owners to buy the cheapest dog food. However, with cheap dog food also comes with ingredients that are not healthy to animals. Many times, the worst parts of animal are thrown into dog food including horse parts and stomach lining. What owners do not know is that the internal system of dog’s works in the same way as humans do. Like humans, dogs also need the same amount of good nutrition in order to be healthy. There is plenty of dog food out there that mimics the nutritional balance that humans need in order to stay healthy. Dogs can eat vegetables like humans can, and many dog food varieties have ingredients that are delicious to dogs and contains both fruits and vegetables. Dogs are privy to flavor too, and they will love the healthy ingredients contained in higher quality organix dog food.

Advantages you might not be aware for buying high quality dog food?
There is dog food out there that will make dogs defecate less and will provide a soft shine to their coats. Foods like acana dog food will provide the right amount of balanced nutrition for dogs that will keep their energy levels up and will provide them with the right balance of nutrients they need. When it comes to castor and pollux dog food, there are a variety of flavors including chicken and potato, chicken and brown rice, turkey carrots and potatoes along with turkey and vegetables. With organix dog food, dogs are more likely to get the nutrition they need, and will help in weight loss.

What other considerations should a caring dog owner be aware of with dog food?
Good exercise and a solid diet is what will keep the weight off for dogs. Dogs who are suffering from weight gain can use a variety of foods and other measures that will help them lose excess pounds. It will be a great exercise plan to have dogs on a consistent exercise plan along with allowing them to eat the necessary foods. Balanced nutrition is crucial to a dog’s health, and it will be a great help in promoting overall heart health.

Pups and older dogs all need the right amount of nutrition that is unique to the size and breed. It is always important to proportion the size of a dog’s meal and figure out the necessary scoops and how many bowels they need per day. In order to properly balance out a dog’s diet content rich dog food such as acana dog food, castor and pollux dog food, and organix dog food with higher protein and lower carbohydrates to mirror the family dogs natural diet that would be available in the wild and this combination of your family dog by nature, receiving a natural meat-eating diet as her would receive in the wild, so the priority for you as the loving provider is to ensure your family dog receives the minerals and vitamins in his diet that he needs to ensure he remains and stays in good health and the family dogs .

How to maintain a healthy diet by choosing the correct dog food?
Healthy diet can be maintained by feeding him the highest quality dog food that your money can buy but you can be confident that your family dog is receiving the necessary content-rich ingredients when feeding your family pet the best food money can buy acana dog food, castor and pollux dog food, and organix dog food, it is always necessary to give them the proper amount of nutrition they need in order to secure healthy limbs, joints, hips and healthy organs especially the dogs kidneys and of course maintaining healthy growth is an important consideration.

Are you just writing this about dog food diet without evidence?
No, because the process of feeding your family dog is not dissimilar to feeding the other individual members within your family unit, as we are all too aware that without a well maintained healthy diet, which includes essential minerals and essential vitamins then the nutritional experts can predict an unhealthy diet can lead to various illnesses and diseases, and the same is true for our precious family dog, again the family dog’s diet must be as natural as possible – natural to the natural foods – meat-eater and a diet rich in essential minerals and essential vitamins, and the diet from the dog foods stated below is very close to the natural diet your family dog would have received within the wild state.

What is the correct dog food evidence, I’d like to access the scientific report?
If you need evidence that acana dog food, castor and pollux dog food, and organix dog food – enriched in essential minerals and essential vitamins, is the best content-rich choice for you beautiful family dog then read what the dog food experts say on this specific subject, as the scientific evidence proves without any doubt that your family dog by nature a meat-eater must be maintained in good health by providing a natural meat eating diet and must receive a diet rich in minerals and vitamins and low in carbohydrates, and this fact is also scientifically proven ( and can be studied by referring to this scientific report (Drs. Foster and Smith, “Are High Protein Diets Harmful to a Dog’s Kidneys?”) written by one of the most knowledgeable dog food scientific experts available today.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Writing The Ideal Maid Of Honor Speech

Maid of honor speech or that for the matron of honor is one of the most significant events in a wedding. If you are donning the responsibilities of a maid of honor speech or a matron of honor speech then you certainly would want to get the speech right. First, there is a need to understand the subtle difference between maid of honor and a matron of honor. A maid of honor is the best friend or a sister of the bride who is unmarried. A matron of honor is a close friend, sister or a relative of the bride who has been married. Almost every bride would have a maid of honor but it is often seen that a maid of honor is also accompanied by a matron of honor. The reason to know the difference is to get the ideal speech for the couple and what would perfectly suit you. Since there is a difference in the marital status, there are a few things that can be penned down in a maid of honor speech but not in that of the matron of honor and vice versa.

Writing the ideal maid of honor speech or that of matron of honor requires four important steps.

• The moment you get to know that you would have to prepare the maid of honor speech, you must start working on it. A matron of honor or maid of honor speech must never be left for the last minute. If you think you can be spontaneous on the big day or night and pull things off then it’s a different story otherwise you have to start working.

• A maid of honor speech or that of matron of honor has the sole purpose of honoring the couple and talking about good things. You must make a list of everything that you may or may not want to include. Details such as how the couple met, what they like in each other, what their collective wishes are and things like that would certainly make it to the final maid of honor speech.

• Speaking with the bride is a great idea. She might have some suggestions or reservations and knowing that would ensure that the maid of honor speech makes the most special person happy on her day.

• It is not unwise for the matron of honor to speak with the best mate on his speech. If a maid of honor speech complements that of the best mate’s, the collective impact will be profuse.